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I know my blog gets a lot of hits from people who are looking for SoundClick layouts so I thought I’d make a post dedicated to them. Firstly you should go to as this blog is very very oollld!

In order to have a SoundClick layout you must have the VIP page from SoundClick itself which is a monthly payment. The VIP page offers a lot more than just the ability to control your pages look, so it’s a must for anyone whose serious. I offer three types of custom pages, the first one is a basic page which follows the normal layout of the page. The second is a regular page which follows the normal layout of the page too but has more to it than the basic pages. Whilst the other, an Overlay page, scraps the regular look to create an even more custom page. Below you can view some pages I’ve created and you’ll be able to see the difference.

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This SoundClick layout for Ice Cold Music follows a different look compared to the other ones I’ve created. This style is called an overlay which scraps the regular look of a SoundClick page making it even more custom. To finish it off there’s a subtle flash banner. Again the coding is done by Jes.

Click the image to view live page

I took this weekend off for a much needed break as I’ve been non stop since 2nd of Jan. Today I went to a heritage event down in Wolstanton with the Notts Mini Club which I had prepared for with a 3 hour car cleaning session on the saturday… but then it rained during the night… typical! Thought I’d share some pictures, they’re not brilliant pictures – wasn’t in much of a picture taking mood shockingly enough… Must have been the super early start which was a shock to my system lol 😛

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Here’s a simple single cover for SK Telly of Bizzle Boy revolving around the words being stacked together on the wall.

Here’s a web flyer for Harmony Muzik’s single ‘Last Night’ – night light theme for this one.

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