SAW Edits


The following edits were just done whilst i relaxed, ideas sparked by the SAW ‘season’ with the new SAW V being released in cinemas.

THE GAME Has Just Begun

This was made a while ago. For mixtape fans… this was done before the leak V cover was out, people think that I did it because of that. No. Mine makes sense, you can’t wear your own face as a mask… Yes that’s 50’s face (I had some people say ‘what the hell.. game looks wierd’ oh my..).

Game Over

This was made like an album cover. Its worked off the SAW III one sheet. Looks like I did some sort of Cartoon smoothing filter on it but nope, didn’t touch any filters. This is the weakest of the three and was also done a while back, after i saw the Leak V cover actually.


Sorry the title’s just work… Shame i couldn’t find a picture of The Game with a little bit of strain on his face haha but oh well. This one is worked off a set picture & one sheet for SAW V. The skin tone on the arms didn’t work 100% how i hoped but there is major difference compared to the original. My favorite has got to the the first one. Out of all the SAW teasers that poster is also my favourite, oddly not as shocking as some of the others at first glance however it still managed to get banned in the UK. I missed seeing buses pass me with SAW teasers on them 😦 The artists who make these SAW posters are God’s to me. I love there work, creativity and exicution (of the work… not people).


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