Need a myspace layout? Want a deal for you’re whole label/group/crew?


Group deal is a Limited Offer. Ends Jan 5th

Serious artists only, need apply.

Are you a serious artist in desperate need of a myspace that lives up to the lyrics you’re putting out? Is you’re current layout a serious D.I.Y failure? Lets face it, you can’t have the talent for everything can you?

Then you take care of the audio and I’ve got you on the visual. No one will ever click that red X in the top right corner again due to you’re page looking bad.

Click here to view samples of  previous layouts i’ve created.

The Group Page Deal!

Are you running a record label? Whether it’s indipendant or major…

Are you part of a group/band/crew and want all members pages to stand out that they’re all tied in together?

Maybe I can help you out.

When you see multiple pages which have the same style to them you instantly know… ‘oh they’re with them?! Damn ok’ *adds* so why don’t you get you’re myspace’s all pimped out and get branded.

What exactly do you get?

For the main label/group/crewe/band page you get:

  • Background
  • contact box
  • 4 x links just under the banner
  • top banner (Flash)
  • second banner (smaller to advertise i.e. your #1 artist, group album etc) .gif
  • titles x 6 (bio, friends, music etc)
  • This page is full price

For each extra page you get

  • Same background, contact box, titles, links etc
  • Second banner (to either advertise that artists personal release etc or to advertise the labels main page for e.g) .gif
  • Image banner with that artist in it worked into an image (same style as main page’s banner to match the rest of the profile) no animation.
  • These additional pages are a fraction of the price.

You can opt for extras on all or one/two etc artist pages. This will obviously raise the price slightly.

Quotes: Email a detailed description of what you’re wanting. For group deal quotes please include number of extra pages you’d like on top of the main page.


One Response to “Need a myspace layout? Want a deal for you’re whole label/group/crew?”

  1. Good writing. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed my Google News Reader..

    Matt Hanson

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