Mock Movie Poster


I made this about three months ago now, but I didn’t want to let my blog go dry with no new posts so i thought i’d put this up for you to view. If you can work out who I placed in the cover then you’re closer to getting the title ;] Or maybe you can guess who it is by the title itself?

This all started with me trying out a new technique for zombiefying people with NO brushes. So yeah whilst making the zombie before all the movie poster started, I saw some pretty graphic google images lol and plenty of spider viens… urgh. I decided to not let the zombie go to waste and made this poster the next day. At first glance when I had finished it reminded me of a Texas chainsaw massacre poster, but i’m not t00 sure now, i’ve only seen it briefly (from :the beginning i think) and haven’t bothered to go research it.

Let me know what you think? Isit horror movie enough for you? Good for the first try?

I’d love to end up working on movie posters but I don’t have enough time to keep doing mocks. The artists who are responsible for the SAW posters (especially the teasers) are Gods to me. I LOVE YOU GUYS, especially when I see them on a side of a bus that passes me, ‘yesss baby go scare those primary school kids and give them nightmares’ haha.

I may post up the zombie, before & after, image later on if people like this.


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