New Years Resolution


This will be the last post of the year from me but, 2009 will be even bigger.

Overall ’08 was a pretty crap year for me, for reasons strangers reading this don’t need to know ;] however the design side of it has booooomed. I first started using photoshop in April/May. Seriously in June time and soon got clients, since then I have been earning a lovely amount doing something I love. What could be better? I always said I’d get a job in Blockbuster’s when I reached 18 but now… NAH! I would be so depressed with the major wage changed for one LOL. I’m still 17 and running a successful business on my own (which needs a name change sooo badly lol) yet I still have much learning to do, to perfect my style, techniques and skill.

Next year is going to see me saving majoly for laser eye surgery though… wow I’ve seen my eye sight deteriorate hugely since I started working on graphic design which is a bit of a downer, now it’s £400 per eye, minimum, to fix 😦 If you’ve had laser eye surgery drop me a comment, let me know how you feel about it now it’s been complete and who you went with :]

Hopefully in ’09 i’m going to sway quite a bit towards web design, and make myspace layouts my major seller (again) because I enjoy it most and feel like more of a web designer even though my coding skills aren’t amazing. I’d still love to make movie posters but I need to build up that portfolio for that, who knows maybe movie websites one day ;]

My resolutions for ’09 are:

  • Stop being so lazy (get up before 12pm lol and make use of the day)
  • Start off the planned clothing line with two of my friends, and get work printed and attempt to sell it.
  • Keep this business up and shitting on part time wages.
  • Learn flash, illustrator, photography majorly

For the clothing line, me and two others, we discussing names and themes today. We’ve come up with something pretty cool, to suit anyone. I won’t say much more because quite frankly there’s a lot of unoriginal people out there who’d love to steal anyones ideas and designs… damn sinners.

Happy new year to everyone who takes a peek at this blog, whether you like what you see or dislike it. I have no time to bother with any haters, plus if you are a hater, why are you on my page ;] go spread my name thanks. For all those who believed in me this year a HUGE thank you goes out to you.

I’ll say some names…

There’s my good friends: Alice, Chappers, Sarah, Hanna, Lauz, Bless. Who have been there for me all this year when I needed them most, much appreciated guys :]

The clients, come friends who believed in me enough to work with an up and comer: ESQ, L, Mad, Grind, Finale, Marvelous, S-Class, Jibril, ‘Mr.AK47’ haha, and all the rest you know who you are!


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