Coming Soon…


After taking some time off during New year I’m now right back on the grind and have been taking soo many orders in the past few days. Don’t get me wrong, it’s good :] but I have exams soon (Jan 8th start of Feb) so it’s just fitting everything in.

Got a bunch of covers coming up including:

  • Rock the Nation Sound’s ‘Secret Love 13’
  • Black Wall Street Europe’s ‘All In’
  • Stack Up’s ‘The Paper Chase Vol 2’

Some are pretty much complete, I would post previews but nah… I wouldn’t wana leak the covers and tracklist. I’ll leave that to the random bootleggers.

If you want to get more info on the Paper Chase mixtape series and/or would like to be featured on it for low $ then visit FINALE’s myspace.

To find out more about getting on dancehall/hiphop/reggae mixtapes then visit ROCK THE NATION SOUND and drop Massive G a message.

For more information on Black Wall Street Europe mixtapes then go to the BWSE website.

Ontop of the covers i’ll be busy with a few myspaces and logo’s in Jan/Feb time as well as DOPEBOARDZ/SKYE OR DIE which is a clothing/skateboard make, which I’m doing for an indipendant qualification i’m doing at my college (100% on me, no help with the work itself… my tutor is an english teacher lol). I’m doing this line with ESQ. my trusty client.

Annnndddd on top of all of that, as mentioned previously in my new year res. post, me and two friends of mine are starting a clothing line of our own. I don’t want to release too much info at the moment because some people are such lames and have to steal ideas. However I will say it’s going to be for both men and women BUT the females will always come first with this line. Theres too many lines which focus on the men, and many don’t even do womens versions 😮 LAZY! Well girls… WE ARE HERE. And trust me, we have a concept which will suit just about anybody.

Well… at least I started off ’09 with a bang for my business lol. This year should be pretty big :]


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