Black Wall Street Europe Presents: ALL IN – the mixtape


This is soon to be released and features the likes of: The Game, Big J, Clyde Carson, Kumasi and more…

I like how this cover turned out.

J said he wanted a poker table, chips, cards etc so I went with an illegal gambling theme, that usually go down in run down warehouses or bars. Its dark and gritty with focus on the red dice. I kept the theme throughout, with the title being on the cards themselves. Was fun making it.

This will be available to download for free and I’m guessing there will be a chance to buy a real copy. So make sure you do! If you want to help promote the mixtape then feel free to save this flyer onto your computer and use it where ever, myspace, bebo, imeem, ning.. so much choice lol.

A big hello to the haters reading this ;] go ahead, hate on the person who’s hired to do the artwork, it’s your bad. Cus’ quite frankly I don’t give a flying fuck 😀 I know you’re reading this, keep pushing my views up. Thanks.

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