Rock The Nation Sound Presents: Secret Love 13


I want satin sheets now 😦

This cover is for the 13th installment into the Secret Love series… and yes… this one is the sexplicit version. Soon available to download and bump in your car… or bedroom ;]

As you may know Rock The Nation Sound are consistent with putting out mixtape’s – and if you didn’t know then you definitely need to open your ears, if your a fan of reggae, dancehall and hip hop being mixed together perfectly. These guys do not stop, they don’t take breaks, they are on the grind 24/7 providing us with good music.

For all you dancehall/hiphop/reggae mix lovers the mixtape will be avaliable to download free soon from ROCK THE NATION SOUND‘s myspace page. And for those of you who are loyal to the good ol’ CD make sure you purchase a copy, they ship worldwide and lovely prices.

Don’t forget to check out there other mixtape’s which are all avaliable for free download, but I know all the cool people will go ahead and buy a real copy with artwork ;] I suggest you download ‘Real Rude Bwoy Tafari’ right now! This mixtape is Dee Ohh Pee Eee.

Also Secret Love 12 seams to be a winner with my mum ‘This is nice music’ she said as she came home from work and heard it blasting through the house… I guess it’s a lil tamer compared to my usual WHATS MY NAME?! DMX AND I BE THE BEST LEAVE THE OTHERS LOOKIN LIKE THEY NEED A REST ONE MO’ TIME… haha. Actually speaking of DMX i’m currently reading his autobiography, pretty good. And supprisingly enough its not totally full of cursing.


One Response to “Rock The Nation Sound Presents: Secret Love 13”

  1. Yow, Evil Frogg… Thanks a lot for the love in that post, we appreci-love your support, zeen… As she says, we’re on our grind 24/7, so get ready for the “Top Shottaz Are Back vol. 02”, coming real soon… Right now we’re dealing with Notnice (Portmore Empire’s producer) himself to get yuh the best reggae tape of di year… Na nanananana na, life sweet…

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