The Unappreciated Talent


Recently I see so many artists abusing peoples designs. Whether it’s by thinking that a designer should do them some graphic design for free or actually trying to thieve a designers work.

I mean come on… Seriously… No.

What makes these small time recording artists think that a designers time, skill, creativity and imagination should be done for free? Half the time the guys who try this have pathetic sounding tracks, nasty looking previous mixtape covers and basically… no talent of there own.

And all these big time artists who are actually earning a nice ammount, whether they just big or HUGE. I’ve heard of a bunch of big time rappers thieving peoples work. Well I guess it aint them themselves but there mate or who the fuck ever. I mean… So what? They’re a big name, more people will see you’re work etc. But for real.. they got money, a layout or cover is nothing to them yet they can’t pay up. I personally wouldn’t work for a big name for free, you pay me for my time, skill, creativity, imagenation & all that no matter who you are.

So if you’re someone whose thought about tryna hustle a designer for free work or steal from a designer (whose probably young and just trying to make a life for themselves off the street) …SHAME ON YOU.

Seriously I get about 6 emails/msgs a day asking for free work and they piss me off majorly. I’d hate to think how many these big time designers get!

Think of it like… You’re boilers broken down. You call the gas man. There’s a $100 call out charge plus the cost to replace boiler parts. It’s -4 outside (and inside now). You pay up don’t you? I don’t imagen many people would ask a gas man to ‘hook you up’ with free parts to make everything warm and toasty inside your house again.

Design is a service. We help to create myspace/websites which look good and keep your fans & potential fans interested in your page, especially whilst the music player loads. We make a mixtape catch more eyes than the cover you made yourself on paint which quite frankly I wouldn’t wipe my arse with. We give you an identity, clothing. And thats just graphic designers. Designers built the world around us, the cars you drive, the clothes you wear, phones you use, couch you sit on, sets in films you watch… all that. Without design this world would be one big ol’ shit hole. Dunno about you but I like to look a nice things.

So I guess what i’m saying is DONT FUCK WITH THE DESIGNERS… fucking broke low lives

Oh and… shame on any designer with skill which could gain you some money, doing work for free. No matter who your non paying client is. Waste of time, skill and all that shit. Everytime someone with decent skill is doing things for free or charging too little for there skillĀ  level they bring down design on a whole. People go round thinking myspace layouts should actually only be $40 etc. Smh…


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