DJ Grind Presents: ‘The Showdown’ (Eminem VS Lil Wayne) Pre-Order Now!


DJ Grind (UK radio, club & mixtape DJ) is back again with another mixtape – The Showdown (Eminem vs Lil Wayne) – Which will be available to purchase soon…

Back cover will be posted soon with full tracklist and contact details. The front is pretty much self explanatory really… And I think it’s one of my best… usually I use more gritty and cold colors but I like the difference (nice thinking Grind with the dusk sky).

It’s managed to hit the rumor pages of

You can pre-order this as a digital download (£2.99) or as CD (£5.99), go to DJ Grind’s myspace for more information.

His last mixtape was Busta Rhymes ‘Gifted and Blessed’, and you can purchase it off (search DJ Grind).


5 Responses to “DJ Grind Presents: ‘The Showdown’ (Eminem VS Lil Wayne) Pre-Order Now!”

  1. Sweet, that’s my next purchase.
    Here’s some free Lil Wayne music

  2. 2 pikaphisp

    Good post maaaan

  3. 3 Eclipsion link

    Well right now Wayne is in jail so if that is TRUE bow can they do that it wont be out sometime next year or two. So I don’t think that is TRUE right now. But they did do a couple songs together ”Drop the world” and ”Forever”
    But i don’t think much will happend

  4. wayne is so wack yo

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