Live In Hi-Def


Something a little different from me… I don’t usually do this style, but now I do :]

I got this idea after I got drawn to a tutorial on light and exploding limbs on PSDTUTS, I followed some of it but didn’t like parts of it so I scrapped the tut after the limbs part and did trial and error. I’ve always found it hard to follow a tut from start to finish lol. I used an image my client – ESQ. – because I was drafting out some ideas, I showed him my¬† draft outcome and he told me he loved it, so I went off, tweeked it a little, to form a more album style cover for his up and coming mixtape Live In Hi Def. He says it looks like he’s transforming into something bigger and better, which basically describes what he’s doing with his rap career at the moment.

It’s definitely has more of an album cover look to it, not too complicated (when you look at it not when you make it lol) and a simple concept. Here’s the back cover:

It is a Mackentyre Music Production, sponsored by Dopeboardz.

Visit ESQ here


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