My previous.. and current client, ESQ. definitely has ambition. Dopeboardz is a skateboard/clothing make which I teamed up with ESQ on, in order to complete an EPQ qualification.

What’s an EPQ?

An EPQ is equal to an A level and is usually offered for people to boost there marks in order to get into university. I don’t want to go to Uni but I do want a small qualification in graphic design for the moment before I think about going to college for it. This EPQ is an independant qualification which you can do on whatever you like, meaning I do not get help from anyone, no teachers, no tutors (my college doesn’t even offer a graphic design course). I just simiply get my finished product marked offsite by someone who knows there stuff and get a grade.

For this I am making:

  • A Logo (Dopeboardz)
  • A T-shirt design
  • A Skateboard design

I may make more than one for each but all depends on what time I have left, as I have to use my own time outside of college for this. The t-shirt and skateboard design will be printed, this is all real, and you can purchase them in the future. The style itself is pretty random, very simple looking yet built up designs, with the random feel brought by dopeboardz own Space/business skull man who we’ve name FRED for now lol.

So random simpleness is dopeboardz.

More info to come soon.


One Response to “DOPEBOARDZ”

  1. This is what it is right here Liv!! Big Business lo!

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