Purple Planet People Launch


For now i’ll just be using spreadshirt as I have hardly anytime for both college and design as well as having a life right now. If it works out then we’ll do all the printing, handling and shipping.

I’ve been in talks with a few close friends about starting a clothing line, but nothing has a made a move yet, we’re all too busy. I actually complained to spreadshirt a while back about them allowing people to have there own shops but they couldn’t upload there own designs. Nice to see change has come lol. I clocked onto this on monday, so I went and uploaded a bunch of designs today. I made them all today too. Nothing fancy, the purple people like to keep it simple :] and purple.

It’s a unisex brand… unless you boys are scared of wearing purple.

Why the name?

Me and a friend actually sat down for like 2hrs thinking up a name, Purple planet People was one of the first ideas and one of the best as it was just random, there’s no real guidelines with the name, and kinda fun I guess.

I’ve actually been asked to work on a whole load of clothing lines lately, I don’t think I can keep up, nor take half the jobs :[ but if anything comes to mind for those certain people, I’ll let you know!


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