The Name?!


I just saw someone googled Evil Frog Graphics on the wordpress stats dashboard so I thought I would enlighten people on my odd alias -‘ Fraawgz’.

There’s really nothing major to it. My friend randomly started calling it me, sometime after that Ciara 1,2 step video became popular ‘Waddup Daaaaawwwg?!’.

My usual nickname since high school is Frog… No. I don’t look like a frog, it’s something to do with a name but I don’t need to go into that because god knows whose reading this. Seeing as I was the only one in my friends group… or maybe year group who was heavily into hip hop my nickname got transformed to things like ‘frogizle’ ‘Snoop Frogg’ (personal favourite lol) and of course ‘Fraawgz’.

How dya say it…?

Just replace the O of frog with two A’s or just say ‘Frogz’ either way it sounds right.

The Evil Frog?

Yeah… I used to deal with a LOT of horror themed pieces, usually mixed with hip hop. My two loves :] but now with clients I do it a lot less :[ But yea: Frog + Horns = Evil Frog. Sums me up perfectly. I’m not completely evil or mean by the way, don’t get scared lol. I’m actually a super nice person, extremely loyal, major commitment, and high asperations … sometimes I’m too nice and people think they can take me for granted… WRONG. I do also speak my mind, some people hate that but I’d rather tell you you’re looking fat in that dress than say ‘Nah you look lovely you’r gonna pull in the first 5minutes’ and lie.

Why the business name?

Well… I used fraawgz a lot when I started bws promotion because I didn’t need people to know anything about the real me really. It just became a habbit. And when I started out doing graphics, it was just a hobby I liked to do it, when I got myself a myspace I never thought I’d be earning off it like I am so I was like ‘hmmm what shall I call it.. meh just stick a graphics onto my nickname’. I regret it now but every client I tell about changing the business name to something more professional says NOOOOOOO because they like it…

What do you think?

I’ll have to keep it for a little longer either way, because of 1. my domain 2. it’s hard work changing your name when a lot of people have come to you via word of mouth.


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