Waiting List… internet problems and expensive stuff.


Okay so firstly as I realize many of my recent clients find me via this blog I’ll post notices here.

Basically I am choc-a-block for about 2-3weeks now, therefore there’s a waiting list in effect, if you want work done get you’re name down on it ASAP to get your work completed as quick as possible.

It’s weird how I get a month of pure mixtape covers and logo orders then myspace layouts and logos the next month. Its like clockwork. And this month it’s all been layouts and logos, which I enjoy a little more but they also take up more time than covers.

Anyways, next: I’ve been having problems with my internet connection which didn’t help my workload one bit! If your from the UK you probably already know the culpret is…. TalkTalk. Seriously there services is the biggest load of sweaty bollocks ever. Don’t go with them, end of. I know I wouldn’t have but I don’t pay the bills yet lol so they don’t listen to me.. you know they only know NOTHING about the web but okay… don’t listen to the person who does. Smh..

On a brighter note… I ordered my apple iMac today (yay!) along with the Adobe Master Edition cs4. Yep today I spent a lot but you have to put money in to get money out after all. So I’m using my profits to expand… For those who don’t know the Adobe Master Edition is a pack of programs (like photoshop, illustrator, flash and sooo many more) and as I’m working on a sony vaio with windows at the moment I had to re-purchase programs for the mac operating system, but I decided in spending out to get just about everything instead of just buying Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver like I did for my current computer.

Once I receive it – which may take a while cus it’s being customized for me – it will take me 1-2 weeks to get everything switched over, installed, replaced and actually learn how to use a mac. But hopefully it shouldn’t affect too much.


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