The Paper Chase – Volume Three


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As you may know I do the covers for The Paper Chase mixtape series which is run by Stack Up’s Finale. This time we decided to take a completely different approach (especially in a mixtape cover sense) therefore this cover is around 85% real.

So my clients idea was to have pictures and a folder on a desk, like a cop was reading over it, planning on the raid, loading his gun, drinking brandy, making mad notes or whatever. I’ve been wanting to do one like this for a while but I could never find the perfect pictures, so I decided to this time do the photography myself and get exactly what I want seeing as I bought myself a Cannon EOS SLR a few months back. I just raided my bedroom, printed off and cut out the pictures (omg it took forever!) went on a raid for some brandy lol and put it all together.

The text is all that’s edited in really, along with the dollars because obviously I don’t carry around green bills seeing as I’m from the UK. I put those in because the top right was kinda bare.

Oh and yeah… I like working from an arial view. I’ve done a few covers like that and a myspace which revolved around that type of theme. So if you’re looking for an arial view style cover, or would like it done like this one with photography being the main point hit me up for a quote: Obviously I can’t picture you, but for covers which don’t need people THERE its fine.


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