Rock the Nation Sound Presents: Secret Love 14


This mixtape is for anyone who loves a big chunk of reggae in there lives… This volume of the mixtape series contains 50 tracks! This Rock the Nation Sound mixtape is available as a free download or a small fee for a CD version (w/ artwork) – you know you should up you’re CD collection and buy this ;]

So the last Secret Love (13) seamed to be mistaken for a RnB mixtape… not sure why as it had the loyal lion on a painting, reggae colored petals etc but anyways with this one I made extra care that there was reference to Jamaica, reggae etc in the cover. So there’s: Jamaican flag, Girls wearing green, red and yellow-ish, reggae colored nikes, weed plants, lion, postcard. Also many Dancehall/Reggae artists promote save sex so I did too, good ol’ durex.

The postcard actually reads ‘JAMAICA …where all you’re dreams come true’ which kinda shows that what you see is that guys dream/fantasy, for those of you who look at covers enough to find a little story/meaning in them.

All previous volumes of the Secret Love series along with other mixtapes like ‘Real Rude Bwoy Tafari’ are available on the ROCK THE NATION myspace page.


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