TotalFilm: Top 10 Horror Films to watch on Halloween!


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A journalistic piece indended to be published into the October issue TotalFilm.

This follows a theme, most pages in total film aren’t completely designed like this one (i.e they’d have a plain white background and simple text) however certain films or occasions call for the layout to be more eye catching and themed – like with the Lord of the Rings 6 page spread in Empire just before it’s release.

I’ve never been the best at writing in a certain ‘voice’ as I always write how I talk (usually) so I thought I’d make up the marks with the whole look. Hopefully it’ll work lol.

This list is from movies I’ve seen and I like/enjoy and all that and is my personal opinion. I don’t care if you think ‘Cannibal Holocaust’ should be number 3 or that ‘I spit on your grave’ should be part of it (what a shite film anyways). And yes I like horror films. Bite me. :]

Note: This is a mock up for my film journalism coursework with film studies. I had to create a journalistic piece which has to look like what it is, i.e. this one being a two page magazine spread for a themed issue of TotalFilm. I also created a Fan Website on Sin City. This will not be printed in totalFilm (unless they come and hire me for next halloween :D)


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