In the spotlight: ESQ.


This Cleveland artist has been on the grind for a long time now, and he’s finally getting the chance to put all his energy into his music thanks to him leaving the Army. His new myspace layout is up and running, which means hes placing a lot of time and money into promoting his mixtape; Live in Hi Def. Part 2 of this tape will be coming some time in ’09 so keep you’re ears close to the speakers… and eyes open for the artwork of course ;]

Click image to view his myspace

His previous mixtape US vs THEM was a joint effort with another rapper named Prominant. Both of these mixtapes from ESQ are available to download from or just go to his myspace and click the mixtape images. Simple. ESQ. will be making major moves through out 09 and ’10 so be on the look out, especially those A&R’s out there who are still searching for some real hip hop talent…. not watered down shit that sells to 13 year old girls.. LAME!

Visit his page, add him, message him, comment on his tracks, support a real artist.


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