Rock The Nation Sound Present: Secret Love 15


Click cover to listen/download via

Yet another volume to the Secret Love mixtape series brought to you by Rock The Nation Sound who, as you know, are on the grind to bring you good reggae vybz 24/7, no days off!

This mixtape is for the cool people out there who love there dancehall and reggae… especially if you’re into the recently banned daggaring songs. The previous volume (14) went against that law and brought plenty of dagga songs, this volume has toned it down a little with more concious songs but volume 16 will be back to its usual dagga tunes for you’re ears ;]

This mixtape will be available off Rock The Nation Sounds myspace page as digital download and possibly a CD copy to add to you’re collection. Visit the page for more info and more mixtapes…

You may have seen the first concept of this cover in a previous post however as i thought, it wasn’t reggae enough so we had to switch things up a little and loose all the fishys lol. Now the main colors are yellow, red, green and blue, more reggae eh :] I left the text and logos to look like they were under water because it would look a little wierd and lose its concept if they were above the water..

One Response to “Rock The Nation Sound Present: Secret Love 15”

  1. The nation can be rocked with sound past as well!

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