Chronicles of a Hustla – Version Two


The cover for an soon to be released mixtape, presented by DJ 1-2-3 and featuring E.Bizzle and Saint Anger.

You may have seen the previous version, which was a strip club theme, well it turned out to be a little to much of a strip club than hustla themes. So this time I went with a darker color scheme of blacks, blues, yellows and silvers, with plenty of money, more elegantly dressed ladies and a perspective which places you, the viewer, at the other end of the table. Some glows helped to finish it off and make it a little lighter and eye catching. I’ve been using the glows for a long time now and it does take a long time to get it right, not too much, not too little etc.

I’ll place up download/purchase links when this tape is released.


One Response to “Chronicles of a Hustla – Version Two”

  1. Well, this one actually looks way better… I kinda like the “glow” ting you used… If you can work ’em out into red-gold-and-green, that would be great 4 us…

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