Blaze – The Marijuana Movement


This is a relea$e from Blaze of the $tack Up trio.

Blaze wanted a ruined/apocolyptic theme for thi$ cover and not the usual field$ of weed theme which is $een a lot. $o I did a ruined background, cracked road with weed plant$ with (from left to right); $nizz, Murda, Jron, Blaze, Finale, Ben$on, $krap on the road, some walking others chilling. The color requested wa$ green for obviou$ reason$ and beacause of the paper theme $tack up have going on. Green flame$ were wanted in the background which doe$ make thi$ cover look very bu$y. Now becau$e I didn’t want an all green (and dull color$) cover… because it just doesn’t POP like it $hould, I thought of what other color$ to add into the equation. Purple came to mind 1. Because it contra$t$ nicely 2. They look good together and 3. becau$e of ‘Purple Haze’. I do love the$e two colors put together as well but it’s not very often that I get to do it.

Why did I use a $ instead of an S all though that post? Just cus of $tack up really. They like to use the dollar sign instead of the usual S and good god its annoying, I don’t know how those fellas keep it up when typing like that lol.

Listen/Download here.

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