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Just a quick notice. I now offer twitter backgrounds for small prices. Contact me for a quote along with what you’d like, so it can be a pricise number that I hit you back with. What can I say… social networking is the future of getting noticed. We all judge a book by it’s cover, […]

Today I’m starting free wall paper give away. I’ll add new ones when ever I get time to make them, so keep checking back or subscribe to my blog ;] Through these wallpaper’s ill be trying out new things as well as doing more of what I already do, and if you like it you […]

Note: This is a watermarked preview only, still being worked on… to perfection.

Musically Motivated volume 2 cover art.

Name Change


So right now I’m in the middle of going through a name change. It’s such a long process because I’m actually reasonably well known in the area that I work as ‘Fraawgz’ but it just isn’t working for me anymore. When I ask my clients about changing my name they’re like ‘Noo! Don’t do that, […]

Not posted anything in a while because I’ve been slacking to try and enjoy my last few days at college… and oohhmiigoshh I’m shattered! I’m starting up work again on Sunday evening, got a few things in store, including a few mixtape covers which should sway towards a more realistic and gritty look to them […]

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