What everyone ought to know about web design pricing


As you shop around looking for graphic and/or web design, you’ll undoubtedly have a number in your head that you’re willing to fork out for a brand spanking new page right? But is that number worthy of design? Or is it just a laughable budget? I know not everyone has thousands to spend on design, however if you don’t then don’t ask for quotes from designers who’ll obviously be way ahead of you’re budget. Maybe this is why younger designers like me get more jobs, due to peoples budgets – especially those of independent artists who need to look good – being too low for someone with five years plus under there belt. Still, don’t take the younger less experienced designers for granted. For many of us it’s our full time job and we put our heart and soul into you’re project. Live it, breath it, sleep it and eat it (but we also have social and family lives to get on with as well) Here’s an interesting article I just came across. It’s based around web design prices but it also applies to other jobs within graphic design.

This is a quote. View the full article here.

“This is often written about by other web designers and I’m not breaking any new ground here but often potential clients looking for our services have no idea the time involved in creating a well-designed website. These same people are often shocked, if not dismayed, when they contact design companies, freelance or otherwise, when it comes to getting a website designed and get a quote back that is far off from the $200 they had in mind. So with this thought, I decided I wanted to write an entry breaking down what is involved and then do some multiplication to get our hourly rate for those with the $200 website mindset.”


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