Torn Between Two Colors


Torn Between Two Colors is an abstract digital art piece. Click to view full size.

Recently I’ve been feeling the need to try out completely different (and pretty odd) pieces whilst being ill because I like to put ALL into client work and not dodgy ill jobs lol. Mainly because I want to make my portfolio diverse as possible, as well as trying to always go outside my comfort zone and go thinking outside the box… infact so much so that I just put down my thoughts onto photoshop and see how it comes out. I don’t really ‘think’ when I do these pieces, I just do. I know theres some weird ideas lurking around in my brain so I’m just tryna let them come out.

It’s erm… different. Somewhat like the ESQ one I did a few weeks back. I included Blue and Red as the main colors due to Game previously being a crip and then becoming a blood but claiming to be cool with both gangs. If you have no idea who the Bloods (red) and Crips (blue) are then here… They’re notorious gangs from the LA area (now spread to wider area… and a bunch of fake net-bangers lol) who formed back in the day. Now they apparently enjoy killing the other gangs over the colors they wear… bit sad really imo but ah well nothing you can do. Why can’t we just all get along?! Aha anyways that’s what fueled this piece. The graffiti is from LA itself. The font I seam to have fallen in love with for these abstract pieces is used :] I figured i’d make the blue skin more interesting by placing other photos of him on there.. angry poses ;] And of course glows… which I seam to use more and more each day lol. Lighting and glows has just become more important to me.

Yeah thats about it. Welcome to my brain full of odd shit on the screen.


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