It’s 2009 and believe it or not, we All judge books by there covers.


We all know we shouldn’t judge a book by it’s cover however we all do. It’s natural, we get attracted to things we like right? And no… I’m not just talking about books, it goes for anything. Yet it seams like people by pass this fact all the time?

I’m writing this because today I was browsing through myspace and saw a stupid amount of artists who seamed hungry and set to create music for life yet they sure as hell didn’t look like they wanted to be seen. Half arsed DIY profile layouts (or maybe it was a really bad designer who probably charged you loads…), mixtape covers that I generally would not click on because it looks like something I wouldn’t even wipe my arse with (blunt but true) and a logo which isn’t even a logo. Where’s the promo people?! No one is going to take you seriously… what a waste!! Promotion is everything. I’m sick right now so you want some tips on what can help you get noticed? Okkaaayy.

  1. First set yourself up with an identity. This will be a logo (a proper logo!) which will later be able to be turned into a promotional t-shirt, banners and vinyls (only if it was made like it should have been). Then a business card. Make yourself look ready, give them out to anyone who may be interested in collaborating, giving you a deal or just downloading your music.
  2. Then get yourself a nice myspace profile. Yes I mean the design, it has to be interesting to the viewers eyes, has to suit your image, it’s there to keep the viewers on your page whilst the music loads, not just a pretty page. A flash banner is seen as more pro but it’s not necissary especially as it depends on you’re budget. Do the same with you’re twitter as well.
  3. If you want you could set up your own .com website. This can be pretty expencive however cus they do take a long time to create so again it’s very budget dependant.
  4. When you’re getting ready to release that mixtape, single, album or EP remember it’ll be judged by its artwork more than anything. If it looks crap it’ll get over looked, whether it’s on datpiff, myspace or some other site.
  5. Now you want to promote you’re various URLS, upcoming releases and most of all YOURSELF. Get flyers, either web or print (or both) and hand them out, give them to record stores, stick them to message boards etc.
  6. Want to take promo even further? Get your logo or a design made onto vinyl and stick it on your car. If you’d like to go all out why not wrap your car aha. Also there’s bilboards and other ways of advertising available.
  7. Maybe you want to release a music video and send it off, as well as putting it in your press kit. Great.

Those all do cost money (and if someone offers to do them for free it’ll probably end up looking like used toilet paper) but in the music industry it takes a lot of budgeting to get you noticed like you should be. Nothings really free in this world and those who want want want all the free stuff are cheap skates and won’t get nowhere, free luck will run out for you and you’ll get yourself a cheap rep ;]

So there you go. A quick set of tips to do with how design can help you get noticed. Try them out. Bet you’ll see a difference and feel more pro with what you do at the same time :] Oh and I ain’t mad at people being cheap, but I just think it’s sad that people just can’t be bothered and would rather spend $120 on a fake Louis V. belt than putting it towards promotion for there talent. Smh…


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