Name Change


So right now I’m in the middle of going through a name change. It’s such a long process because I’m actually reasonably well known in the area that I work as ‘Fraawgz’ but it just isn’t working for me anymore. When I ask my clients about changing my name they’re like ‘Noo! Don’t do that, your current one is perfect’ but I think it’s too unprofessional and I’m getting more and more professional each day, and I get complimented a lot about how I handle business from clients and future clients and it makes them feel better about working with me. Once I get these name down properly I can start to really get going with things, huge plans.

I’ll be getting a regular accountant instead of one I go to every now and then, a business bank account under that company name, 1000s of business cards and flyers instead of small ammounts because of not being sure how long ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ will be with me for. I dunno. I kind of feel stupid saying ‘Hello, Fraawgz Graphics how can I help?’ lol. Hardly anyone can say it properly, nevermind spell it! But people do seam to remember it. It all started when my friend randomly went ‘FRAAAAWWWGGGZZZZ’ just saying Frog in a random pronouciation. I then went on and used it as an online alias when I did promotion for BWS as I didn’t want or need any random people/fans to know my name and other things.

BUT the problem is coming up with a new name.. Really really hard. I want something which swings towards a macabre/evil/horror sound, because thats me. I love the evil stuff in life, I love horror movies, gore, nasty art. It may not come out much in my work anymore, but that’s because I work to the clients brief and not to my own and I know very few clients want that, but it doesn’t mean I can’t name myself something along those lines right? I’m actually a really nice person by the way aha I’m not evil as a person. Just like I don’t type how I do now in business emails. In my blog I type how I talk really. But we all have a few sides to us don’t we ;]

I know only I can come up with THAT name but… Any ideas?

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