‘Drown E.P’ *preview*


Note: This is a watermarked preview only, still being worked on… to perfection.

Here’s a different project from me. For this I’m working with indie/rock band ‘To The Republic’ on the cover art for there new release ‘Drown E.P’.

For the brief they said they wanted a dead sea image, with crystals, and a washed out image. So.. I maipulated an image of the dead sea, with a nice orangey sky, and blended the images. I chose to work with orange as it’s a warmer color than my original thought of blues and greens therefore is easier on the eye as well as more eye catching. I then did my favourite trick of making it look old and worn. Plenty of textures, modes and styles used for this one. The text… ignore the text, they never said anything about text in there brief therefore I just placed anything to make it look more like an E.P cover and less like just an image :]

It’s going to have a few revisions done to it, along with text and it should be done :] If you’re into rock/indie and all that check them out on myspace and twitter. And get yourself a copy of the E.P ;]


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