Free Wallpaper #1 – Get Noticed.


Today I’m starting free wall paper give away. I’ll add new ones when ever I get time to make them, so keep checking back or subscribe to my blog ;] Through these wallpaper’s ill be trying out new things as well as doing more of what I already do, and if you like it you can have it on your desktop. Today is the ‘Get Noticed.’ wallpaper. Click the image to download the 1920×1200 resolution. Contact me for any other sizes if you can’t crop/resize it.

Piello Get Noticed.

These are copyright of myself, do not steal, re-distribute, manipulate, add onto etc or you could have a few problems in the shape of solicitors on your back ;] we don’t want that but I have to warn, as I’ve done it before. Don’t remove the tag either. Thanks


One Response to “Free Wallpaper #1 – Get Noticed.”

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