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Click the image to view live page Note: The advertisement for a song download is not yet complete, just waiting on a proper link. Client wanted a dark page with parts in red and text in a metalic style. Something simple yet eye catching. Voilla. This is a DIV overlay. Advertisements

Click the thumbnail to view live page Part simple, part flashy. Grind’s page needed a make-over badly after I did his previous layout around 11months ago! This is a regular page without a flash banner.

Here’s a sneek peek at DJ Moneybags soon to be released So Beautiful mixtape cover

Here’s the completed artwork for Sage Bravo’s ‘The Trial Mixtape’ which is out NOW.

Three myspace layout packages for those of different budgets.

Click image to view full size. Second in the Mini Adventures series. Ahh green pastures. View Adventure number 1 here.

Click to view uber full size First in a series… of how many I don’t know.