The Trial Mixtape (version one)


Here’s version one of ‘The Trial Mixtape’ for Sage Bravo.

So basically as the mixtape is named The Trial I wanted something in the cover to represent the title, even if it’s just a small reference. So Trial > possible jail time > Prison > Moving Alcatraz into Baltimore :] The search light is focused on him suggesting hes being watched for some reason (the next michael scofield?) get away car, should be fast enough lol, B’more skyline blurred in the background (for depth of field) to represent Sage’s area. For the text I wanted it to be laid on the ground instead of standard text you seen on covers. Marked chrome seamed pretty nice, then I chose to make the X pop with a different font, the name soon followed the same path. And to finish it off, frogg’s favourite… some good ol’ textures to give it more oomf!

Yeah I do put a lot of thought into my covers and each one is like a story in a way with each object being a relivant part. Sad? oh well. aha at least I put thought into my work unlike some others!


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