Nutt Case – Reno Sounds Album *preview*


Here’s a preview of Reno Sound’s album artwork

Please note: This is a watermarked preview – not 100% confirmed nor complete

My client came to me saying they’d like a padded room with a busted door like they’ve escaped. Unfortunately there were no decent images of a padded room I could use therefore I had to create one from scratch, which meant I had full control about what it looked like at least! It started grey and white however it looked too clean.. nutt cases don’t seam clean lol so it’s more of a grey/brown color like they’ve been in there a while. I added blood writing on the walls as it looked a little empty. The title is like a torn admission form. The room was darkened to enable the lighting to work nicely, which was supposed to look like the steriotypical lighting. The image behind the door is just there for show, it’s not going to be the final image I don’t think. For the after effects I put a worn look to it, with a grafiti background behind the image to show through slightly.

There will be some changes as this is the first draft, but overall I really like this cover, it’s my real style that I hardly ever get to do…


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