The Making Of… ‘Nutt Case’


This post is intended for those who are interested what actually goes into making a cover (…or generally anything on photoshop I guess) and/or wonder if things are actually made from scratch sometimes or are just a picture blended with an image. It’s cut down a hell of a lot and only shows 12 steps.. and there’s no description of what I did because it’s not a tutorial. Trust me making it was a lot  more than 12 steps lol and took a few hours to complete (then revise etc).

Click image to view full size in new tab/window

This is watermarked because some unoriginal people who have no brain for themselves can’t help but steal other peoples work & I’m fed up of seeing parts of my work on other ‘designers’ ‘work’ lol… jeeez i’m not THAT good, go thieve someone elses stuff.

One Response to “The Making Of… ‘Nutt Case’”

  1. That’s cool..

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