Artist Appreciation #1 // SAW Movie Posters


I’ve never done a post like this before but I think it’s important to show appreciation to other artists who you have been inspired by or just generally love the work of. So I’ll start up a series of posts with some notorious movie posters. I honestly don’t know who is responsible for making them, google didn’t seam to want to give me any answers and I only have a little time to post this, so maybe if you know who did then please leave a comment.

They have managed to create controversy over the many years of the series being around, the SAW V bus posters didn’t manage to make it last year as too many people complained, but quite frankly the concept was the best but it certainly wasn’t the most morbid of them all.

It must be amazing working on the posters for Lionsgate as it’s something you probably wouldn’t normally do. Bringing together the macabre of the franchise and putting it into a brilliant concept is just awesome! I sort of wish the series would go on for another five years to give me a chance to become good enough and be one of the people behind the creation but sadly & gladly the series of films is coming to an end…

Don’t get me wrong. I’m a HUGE Saw fan, but after SAW III the franchise fell off big time… The designers sure stayed on point though! The SAW V movie poster is my favorite, you may have seen me make a spoof of it a while back, mocking the ‘beef’ between 50 cent and The Game.

Thank you SAW poster designers for being totally kick ass with photoshop and what not :] I love you guys… I hope your designs for SAW VI put a smile on my face when I see a double decker bus pass me by even though I’m pretty sure the film will suck. I’ll still go and see it at the cinema though (finally!) seeing as I’m now 18 >:]


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