There is a new name to take over Fraawgz Graphics to give the company a professional edge and to widen the horizons for myself as ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ was chosen in a split second, I should have thought of it more but I never thought I’d get to this point with design!

I will still run Fraawgz Graphics to catch the clients who prefer that side of things or aren’t aware of my new name however all orders will end up going through the new name for legal reasons and tags will be to that name. I will be clear that it was formaly ‘Fraawgz Graphics’ also just to be clear on things.

The new name isn’t anything completely special, many of the names I really liked just didn’t work right for the company and wouldn’t give me a middle of the road type of look, even on every ones sides. Yes… they were kind of morbid ;] The name I chose is linked to myself, is simple to say and spell (unlike the current one!) and allows me freedom for self design.

I know a few clients really didn’t want me to change the name, sorry guys but this is a step out from being just another designer to becoming and entrepreneur in my own right and buidling a company which will hopefully do well in the future! This next year will be a huge test including my mini being an advertisment on wheels lol! Honk if you see me ;]

Name will be revealed once everything is set in place.



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