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This is the fourth installment of Rock The Nation Sound‘s Blood Pressure mixtape series which mixes the likes of dance hall with west coast rap BUT this episode of the series will be different from the three previous ones. Instead of mixing reggae & westcoast rap singles, we are bringing it 100% exclusive and dubplates. […]

Download Trials & Tribulations album from C-Menniz. Also available as a hard copy, you just have to pay for the postage. Support REAL music in all it’s forms and get a copy. Another version jam packed full of extras will also be able to be purchased at a later date. Also view his new myspace […]

Click the image to visit the live page Originally I was going to do something similar to the album cover I created a few weeks ago. However …

It’s Official


A Level Results took place the other day. Last year (my second and last year of college) I took part in an Extended Project Qualification (aka EPQ). An EPQ is a 100% independent study where you have no real help from teachers (other than those who are pets and cheat ahaha) other than progress updates, […]

A brightly colored, simple, typography based wallpaper, free to download and use. I just ask you do not re-distribute (link back to this site instead), not to edit it or remove tags. Simples. Click on thumbnail to download original size (1920×1200) ask for more.

Here’s the second free wallpaper I’m giving out. A modification of the first mini adventure piece I did a while back. Please feel free to use it however do not re-distribute my work, link back to this page you found it on. Also do not claim this as your own work as it is copyrighted. […]

This project was very different to the majority of others I have done… and I loved every minute of creating this one. Nothing better than stepping outside the box and your comfort zone, a little nerves will hit at first but once you get stuck in and it starts coming together it’s all fine :]