The Hardest Part of Being a Graphic Designer


I came across this interesting post a few minutes ago from about why Graphic Design is actually a hard job to do when others believe that it’s an overly easy and stress free job especially if you’re freelance from the comfort of you’re own home.

This is a quote from the article

“Working as a Graphic Designer is not as glorified as many make it out to be. Sure we sit behind our fancy computer setups, sketching ‘pretty pictures’ in our Moleskin notebooks and can do business from the comforts of our own homes, but it can also be one of the most stressful, involving and cutting edge jobs out there.

Graphic design is in an industry that technically and creatively evolves faster than any other profession in my opinion. Designers constantly have to learn new software, stay on top of trends, have our work critiqued and displayed on a ‘pedestal’, manage tight and strict deadlines, consistently stay creative…and when we have time, live our daily lives.”

View the complete article here

For me, even though I’ve just been doing graphic design for just over a year, the hardest parts are:

* Having you’re friends believe you earn easy money. They seam to forget that it’s not a normal job where a client/customer picks up a product and goes to the till and that it is infact a custom service we offer and that we are commissioned meaning prices higher than picking up a product that has millions of look-a-likes in the world.
* The fact that some people who contact you stick there noses up at you when you give them a quote for what they want, as it’s too expensive for there pockets and they think it should be free because there people who scrounge off everyone else. I compare them to chavs scrounging off society and the tax payers money, not bothering to get a job because they just don’t care as every other hard worker in the country pays for them to live. SMH
* This ones similar to one mentioned on the blog, the way that odd client thinks they suddenly know exactly what you should do and how you should do it. They seam to have hired you for no reason… except the majority of the times there ideas are really bad.
* Being self employed. Banks don’t like us very much… haha.
* Clients who think you’re there for them 24/7 who email/message over and over again until you respond sometimes not caring about the time change. I have a life, friends and family I need to attend to, I’m not on call.
* Not being able to escape work. Sometimes when you’re study is in your own home you think.. of I’ve got 30 mins to spare maybe I’ll just finish/start this project off. 30mins turns into 2 hours.. and you miss you’re favourite TV show 😦


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