It’s Official


A Level Results took place the other day.

Last year (my second and last year of college) I took part in an Extended Project Qualification (aka EPQ). An EPQ is a 100% independent study where you have no real help from teachers (other than those who are pets and cheat ahaha) other than progress updates, where you could do ANYTHING you wanted and as my college didn’t do a graphic design course I chose to do Graphic Design & Working with clients. I worked with ESQ. on this project starting off the first of many steps for his Dopeboardz line (skateboards and clothing). I learned adobe illustrator via trial and error from scratch in order to complete the course. This project was 100% real and still continues to this day as it’s a real clothing line etc.

Anywhoo to cut a long story short, AQA awarded me an A for the EPQ and the examiner still has the T-shirt I sent along with a design on it haha…

I also got a B in film studies, 2 year course.

I have no other qualifications in graphic design as I firmly believe and prefer teaching my own way in my own time learning techniques my way not someone elses. Plus I’m not too into classrooms… everything I study I end up disliking so no thank you… no university for me, I’m sure I could get into a course relatively easy with my portfolio but I’d rather not. Please don’t look down upon designers without the pieces of paper, its the creativity in the brain that matters and no teacher can teach you how to actually have creativity, it’s in your blood not in your exam paper. Some of the best out there are 100% self taught, it takes a lot more self motivation to do so, and it’s worth it.

A previously this blog of mine got a lot of views through people Google-ing epq questions. Go for it. Don’t follow the rest and I’d personally steer clear from something you already do at school/college… open your mind and step outside the box… and put that damn pen down! There’s more to life than pen and paper. Follow your dreams.

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