Rock The Nation Sound / Blood Pressure 4 // Mixtape Artwork


This is the fourth installment of Rock The Nation Sound‘s Blood Pressure mixtape series which mixes the likes of dance hall with west coast rap BUT this episode of the series will be different from the three previous ones. Instead of mixing reggae & westcoast rap singles, we are bringing it 100% exclusive and dubplates. With the likes of The Game, Jay Rock, Shade Sheist, MDK, etc… and the reggae community’s contribution is here too, with Queen Ifrica, Etana, Bramma, Konshens, Wasp, etc…. Definitely a fresh sound for any of you who are into your dance hall and/or hip hop. As you can see from the cover The Game will play a big part in the mixtape. This is released later this year, and for those of you who think that mixtapes are put together in a couple of days with no heart or soul put into the end product, with this one your WRONG. This has been one year in the making… ONE YEAR! DJ’s take note. Quality not Quantity.

So here’s the preview of the front cover, Massive G hit me up with a operating theme slash horror movie involving 50 cent and The Game. At first I didn’t think it would be really too possible due to the nature of 50 Cent’s pictures but I pulled through and got the job done. This was not to be no clean hospital.. gritty and grime with graffiti on the walls, weed growing from the cracks, blood stained walls.. bet you’d love to visit this hospital! At least Game is wearing the right gear ;] This cover is a more mixtape feeling one as it’s quite cluttered, loads of things to spot as you look at it. A lot of work went into this one. I know the mixtape means a lot to Massive G and the rest of the Rock The Nation Sound collective ;]

This mixtape will be available to purchase once released, they ship through france, europe and America so no one is really left out. Find out more about Rock The Nation Sound at the following websites:

Myspace | Website | Ning Network

Once released a link to purchase & download will be placed on here and on the downloads page, in the mean time check out previous mixtapes from rock the nation sound, click the download tab up top now.

*This work was created under Three 29 Design*


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