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This is an image I made a while ago for Nicky Boss’ myspace layout flash banner, then he came to me saying he’d like it to be the logo, so I remade it in a vector format so that Nicky can use it for whatever he likes from backs of CD’s to Billboards. Obviously some […]

Business card design for En’rico ‘ESQ.’ Dion which matches his myspace layout with a clean digitalized theme. The front is a simple look with pixels breaking off, with his name as focal point along with his soon to be website. The back features Ohio with Cleveland marked off with a star along with Esq. Recording […]

Another project for Car-Stuff. This is a poster to promote the ECU Re-Mapping they offer. Quite a simple style of course as it is corporate, very different from other work of mine. But a good change. So it follows the colors of the websites, and the brief stated that it would be mainly text that […]

Recently I’ve been working on a few projects for a local Car window tinting & ECU remapping company. First project was re-working the quotation email. It has been revamped majorly, giving it a younger yet not over the top feel to it, sticking to the color scheme of the website. This was my first project […]

You may have seen posts about this cover in the works previously in my blog as it was completed a few months ago but now I am able to release it. This cover was a challenge building it from scratch but it’s the style I love, gritty, macabre kind of style which I rarely get […]

Click image to view live page. Here’s the layout for Enrico ‘ESQ.’ Dion. It’s a regular myspace which is still under construction in terms of the Flash Banner.

The client wanted a Mafioso look to the cover, with the picture lined up it was perfect to make it look like they were doing business with the viewer.