James Vegas / Music For People.. // Album Cover


James Vegas wanted his front cover to be a stage concept with the girls and crowd around him. As this is an album cover I chose a very plain font and made it quite prominent within the cover whilst being in the image instead of over the top. I wanted all focus on him so I blacked out the crowd leaving some light around the edges of the crowd, the spotlight aims directly at James and the area around him starts to desaturated. Some subtle glows were added et voila. Very simple as it is an album cover.

For the back cover James Vegas wanted something very different, for him to be looking at a bloody chainsaw. In order to allow the back to flow I used some red curtains in the top left corner. The same destautration from around James is also used, making him the most saturated thing there. The text needed to be backed in order be legible on the busy brick background.

Keep track of James Vegas via his myspace & twitter pages. Once this album is released and available to purchase I shall provide links.


One Response to “James Vegas / Music For People.. // Album Cover”

  1. 1 Donisha

    I love it. Good job! ^_^

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