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Below is the artwork to En’Rico Dion’s single which is presented and produced by DJ One. It follows a similar style of the previous get fly promotional cover. The single features three tracks, ‘Get Fly’ featuring Bam Bam and the brand new ‘Knock em Out’. This will be released both online and offline. Download/Listen here […]

Another one for the guys over at Tasty. If you’re in Sheffield make sure you go to Bedroom on the night out, i’m sure you won’t be dissapointed!

Today the postman (who wasn’t on strike yet lol) popped Chromatone’s EP – The Ripple Effect – through my door 🙂 Turns out the artwork printed well and the tracks are also really nice. Check out Chromatone via facebook or myspace. If you like there music you should definitely get yourself a proper copy of […]

Here’s an advert to promote three 29 design in the November issue of The Crewe Link, a small book with adverts for many local businesses. Trying my hand at local work, but I do love the overseas work more 🙂 I also have a matching twitter background. note: number has been removed for obvious reasons.

My brain splattered something onto photoshop again, this was the outcome. Follows the developing style I’m erm… developing.. over time 🙂 Also seen in: The Game – Torn Between Two Colors, TK – The Man Himself – Baby Blue’s – The Blue Generation – RTNSound – Secret Love 16

Here’s a photo manipulation for Reno Soundz. Blue themed with a little purple in there to make things pop. I love the sky.

I am by no means a proper photographer, had hardly any chance to use my SLR as much as I’d have liked to, but I have a cat around the house whose a right poser so I took a few snaps. I warn you, shes unbelievably cute and has one eye 🙂 ROARRR read on […]