Chromatone / The Ripple Effect // EP Artwork


This was a different kind of request I got through from a band called Chromatone. The client sent me through a drawing of the speaker, microphone and ripples which he wanted to be converted into a cover using the glowing lines style. It was a long job with a short timescale to work from however we got the job done in the end. It’s a very different piece, which is always good, a nice learning curve. The client was very much involved in the process of the cover creation in this project, he knew exactly what he wanted done which is always a good thing.

For the back cover the client wanted the original image to be used, with the track titles to be placed where they’re we’re each pointing/looking. Again I used the glowing lines style to outline parts of them, after darkening the background to make them show up a lot more and allow the glows to be more visible. The titles were also glowing lines. This worked nicely.

The Disc design was kept simple due to the halftone screenprint that takes place. It’s bold and eye catching, one you wont leave out collecting dust as you know exactly which ep it belongs to.

The Chromatone text you see on the covers is a custom edited font for Chromotone’s cover art. This is to be made into a cardboard slipcase. If you want to find out more about Chromatone visit there myspace or become a fan on facebook.


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