En’Rico ‘ESQ.’ Dion’s Single Artwork [LISTEN]


Below is the artwork to En’Rico Dion’s single which is presented and produced by DJ One. It follows a similar style of the previous get fly promotional cover. The single features three tracks, ‘Get Fly’ featuring Bam Bam and the brand new ‘Knock em Out’. This will be released both online and offline.

Download/Listen here

Continue reading for a quick review:

If you’re into Hip Hop then a listen of the En’Rico Dion aka ESQ single is definitely worthy. ESQ has been working hard on his music, from live performances, to studio recordings and it’s time for him to be heard. ‘Get Fly’ is more of a club track (DJ’s get a hold of it!) revolving around a strip club theme. Bam Bam is on the hook giving it a catchy style and ESQ’s lyrics hit hard… no pun intended (lol). There is also a clean version of this for the sensitive ears out there! ‘Knock ’em Out’ is my favorite of the two, I find it quite catchy and I like the punchlines within it. On datpiff there’s two extra bonus tracks: ‘Stop & Go’ has a different feel about it, I find it quite fresh, the beat is very different and overall the song is quite chilled out… to me. ‘Big Deal’ is a freestyle to the infamous beat… if you don’t know which one I’m talking about shame on you lol. Check them out, they’re worthy of a listen and if you like it hit the download button.

Don’t use datpiff.com? Contact ESQ and get a copy sent to you via the email.


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