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Another soundclick layout here. He opted for a more minimal look to his layout along with sides which are similar to the swift beats page. Again its designed by me and coded by DesignMindz. Click the image above to view live page. Advertisements

Mad House is a soon to be released retail album from Bizzle boy. Here’s the front cover. The client opted to go for a dead mans hand theme, along with burning parchment.

I went down to Car-Stuff today, and I saw the brand new sign 🙂 It’s 8x4ft and a lot bigger than I imagined for some reason lol. Came out nice. Here’s some pictures below. I also saw the two 8x4ft vinyl banners which are outside the business park. Not to forget the poster 🙂 If […]

This ones for S.Con, she’s looking after the artists she promotes quite nicely! Here’s the full page advert for a magazine. This month Chromatics has the spot. You may have seen the previous Science of Colors Mixtape, if not… check him out! Download Single | Book 4 Shows | Check out Chromatics

A flyer for Ross Boss’ birthday warm up hosted by the guys @ tasty, held in Bedroom, Sheffield.

Here’s the business cards for Massive G of Rock The Nation Sound. He recently saw the Wittyboy flyer and liked the idea of the fire style – but in the ragga color scheme of course 😉 PS sorry about the blur, it’s because they’re resized.