ESQ / // Mixtape Cover

11Mar10 the mixtape and the actual website will be released/launched together… very soon so keep your eyes pealed. The tracks have been in the making a long time! Don’t forget to follow him on twitter. Here’s the cover below.

The concept was to take objects which give you a quick brief history of ESQ. you can put the pieces together. Cont…I did a few of these arial view style covers a long time ago, so it was definitely cool to try them out again as I used to really like doing them.

The M-4 with the rounds, dog tags, along with the two 6×4 pictures show that ESQ was in the US Army. The two previous releases are on the side to remind you… cop those from The lyrics on the torn paper symbolize the music, along with the microphone and headphones. Cash… well everyone needs cash.. and diamonds aha! His phone, the business cards show he’s also a business man. The comic is a personal preference, Marvel villains 😉 Same goes for the back cover. Nothing is there without a reason! The glowing lines? Well that’s just a touch of what I like to do 🙂


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