Pixels Wrapped In Neon // The Style


You may have noticed that I’m doing the often neon, offset outlines (often with splashes of extra light or small tags on them to spruce them up) on my work more and more these days. I feel like it’s a style I can run with an develop as I go along, especially as I’m getting noticed for it more and more and people hire me with that style in mind. I also like it because it’s one of those things you love or hate, if you don’t love it or hate it straight away you’ll most likely grow to. After all if everyone liked it then it would be boring, wouldn’t it?

I used to be really weary about working with glows and light in general, but I slowly warmed up to it. I don’t know what it is that I like about it so much that I try to include some sort of variation of the wrapped in neon style in the majority of my new works, sort of like a signature style I guess.

If you like the style maybe you’re wondering how it all started?

Well… once upon a time I was in a really random mood. I picked out a distinctive picture of The Game and said to myself ‘I’m going to try out something new and different to what I usually do. I need a change’. So my brain splattered something on photoshop which looked like this piece below – ‘Torn Between Two Colors’

Read on for more…

It’s okay. I could do with going back and tweaking it because looking back I could have done more. But it was a start to something so I’m happy with that. The next piece I did followed along the same lines of glowing offset outlines and graffiti, but this time it was less messy. It’s the ‘TK – The Man Himself’ piece. Click to view bigger.

I then got hired to do the cover art to certain artists album artwork following the same style. I do not mention his name in my words because he went on to completely rip off multiple pieces of work; because he obviously became a graphic designer over night and is just a complete pr*ck in general. ‘Scuse my French.

I also used it in a more subtle and non glowing way, on pieces like MeetESQ.com, Da Mighty Blaze & Another Set Back seen below.

I use it to make a cover mine, usually with complimentary or contrasting colors to the main color of the piece like with the Eminem, MeetESQ & Secret Love covers below.

I also use it to highlight text or important areas, like on the covers and poster below.

I went on to use it in web based projects too, like on C-Menniz myspace page. And a couple of soundclicks, like Swift Beats & Swag Beatz pages.

So there’s a little background on why you see so many neon lines (…and will be seeing them more often) in my work. Love it or hate it they’re hear to stay 🙂


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