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Again, check out to see what all the hype is about. Advertisements

The first mock up’s of a promotional t-shirt for CeeKaiH feat Tiwony – Longtime. Find more info on this here: or Promotional banners coming soon

RnG T-shirts


Here’s the design for the front of the t-shirt. On the back will have the DJ names.

Instead of some plain RNG show text I got sent through, I thought I’d spend some time re-creating it into something a little more interesting… This will be part of a t-shirt design for the team. Note: Not yet confirmed.

Not posted anything in a while because I’ve been slacking to try and enjoy my last few days at college… and oohhmiigoshh I’m shattered! I’m starting up work again on Sunday evening, got a few things in store, including a few mixtape covers which should sway towards a more realistic and gritty look to them […]

Click image to view live page I previously made a post about this but since then a lot has changed.