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Click image to view live page. Here’s the layout for Enrico ‘ESQ.’ Dion. It’s a regular myspace which is still under construction in terms of the Flash Banner. Advertisements

The blog has been a little slow lately because a lot of projects are in the works and/or waiting to be released plus some computer problems with my ol’ sony viao. But for now a new layout.. Finally got around to making a better layout for the new myspace. This isn’t the official layout, I’ll […]

Click the image to visit the live page Originally I was going to do something similar to the album cover I created a few weeks ago. However …

Click image to view the live page Here’s a regular myspace page for Major made as requested, with black and red as the main colors with a hood feel to it. I think it turned out pretty nice, but let me know what you think! Take a minute to listen to his tracks also.. *This […]



It may seam like I’ve been slacking lately, but really I’ve been busy setting up everything for Three 29 Design. Yesterday I completed the website (yay!) it has a few projects in it, some with there own section, others which fall under the same category in a in sections with similar projects. Click the image […]

Click the image above to view the live page… and add it of course ;] This is an overlay layout and is temporary until I gain the time to create a new one which goes all out. It’s a BIG job switching names, I’ll have to attempt to add all the friends of my old […]

Click the image to view live page Note: The advertisement for a song download is not yet complete, just waiting on a proper link. Client wanted a dark page with parts in red and text in a metalic style. Something simple yet eye catching. Voilla. This is a DIV overlay.