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It may seam like I’ve been slacking lately, but really I’ve been busy setting up everything for Three 29 Design. Yesterday I completed the website (yay!) it has a few projects in it, some with there own section, others which fall under the same category in a in sections with similar projects. Click the image […]

A quick showcase of a few covers I’ve created of different styles. Noxious N8 // The Epidemic ESQ // Live In Hi Def The Black Wall Street Europe (& Massive G) // All in Rock The Nation Sound // Tafari, real rude bwoy Saint Anger // Chronicles of a Hustla (version two) Sage Bravo // […]

Just a quick notice. I now offer twitter backgrounds for small prices. Contact me for a quote along with what you’d like, so it can be a pricise number that I hit you back with. What can I say… social networking is the future of getting noticed. We all judge a book by it’s cover, […]